Our Frequently Asked Questions section contains answers to common questions asked by other FCA Fleet customers about membership eligibility, upfitting, product status and more. If your question cannot be found here and you still require an answer, give us a call at 1-302-725-0053

Who is eligible to become AN FCA Fleet customer and how do I enroll in the program?

An individual or company becomes eligible for a registered FCA Fleet Account by:

1. Purchasing and/or leasing five (5) or more vehicles of any make or model during the current or preceding calendar year, current or preceding model year or preceding 12-month period.

2. Currently operating 15 or more vehicles (owned or leased)-the individual or company must be able to establish that they possess the required number of vehicles.

3. Currently operating a livery company and having a valid state-approved livery license.

If you meet these requirements, complete the enrollment form that can be found at https://www.fcausfleet.com/fleethome/pages/eligibility-and-enrollment/

What is AN FCA Fleet Account Number (FAN) and how do I obtain one?

A FAN is a number used to identify FCA Fleet customers. It is used to process and track FCA Fleet orders and identify customers eligible for incentives. You will receive a FAN number once you enroll in the program.