What does GM consider a fleet?
A "Qualified Fleet User" is defined as any company which has purchased or leased five (5) or more new cars and/or trucks (any combination of vehicle manufacturers) solely for business use in its operation within the last 12 months or that currently owns or leases fifteen (15) or more cars and trucks used in its company service.

For further details on eligibility and enrollment, please contact the GM Fleet Action Center at 1-800-FleetOp (353-3867), prompt 2. 

What are the next steps if I do qualify as fleet?
Learn more about our National Fleet Incentive Program (FVX). 

Also, some Chevy and GMC vehicles are eligible for the GM Business Choice program - it includes offers to equip vehicles for your business.

Contact your local Fleet Account Executive to see if other offers apply or Request a Quote online.

Obtain a General Motors Common Fleet Account Number (FAN), which is the number used to identify qualified fleet customers, process orders, track vehicle production and offer incentives to customers. 

What if I use/purchase vehicles for my business, but I don't qualify as a Fleet?
Review GM Small Business Offers & Incentives by make and model for your area